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    Our Policies Limiting Conditions & Assumptions Read More Anti-Bribery & Corruption Policy Read More Complaints Handling Procedure (CHP) Read More

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  • G.A. Farrell & Associates Ltd | Chartered Valuation Surveyors | Trindad and Tobago

    WELCOME TO G.A. Farrell & Associates Ltd Leading firm of Chartered Valuation Surveyors, specialized in the valuation of properties in Trinidad & Tobago. LEARN MORE Ariapita Avenue, Port of Spain We value the following property types Residential Valuations Commercial Valuations Land Valuations Special Purpose Valuations VALUATION REQUEST MAKE A REQUEST MAKE A PAYMENT MAKE A PAYMENT METHODOLOGY LEARN MORE With your assistance, G. A. Farrell & Associates Limited provides assistance with funding to charitable Organizations including the following Princess Elizabeth Centre | Tritscher Home for Men | Guardian Neediest Cases Fund | Lady Hochoy Home Society of St. Vincent de Paul | John Hayes Kidney Foundation JOIN OUR MAILING LIST Sign up today to get the latest valuation news. Join Thanks for subscribing!

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    Webinars 2022 Commercial Real Estate Webinar 2022 Commercial Real Estate Webinar - Clint Langton's Presentation 2022 Residential Real Estate Webinar 2021 Commercial Real Estate Webinar

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  • G.A. Farrell & Associates Ltd | Valuation Request

    Valuation Request MAKING A VALUATION REQUEST A 4-STEP PROCESS 1 2 3 4 Thank you for considering our firm to prepare a valuation report on your property. The following will acquaint you with the steps that will be necessary when requesting a valuation. Submit a Valuation Request Completion of our Fillable Valuation Request Form or our Online Valuation Request Form . Documents to be provided: (Please note that additional documents may be required based on the purpose of valuation) A copy of a valid photo ID A utility bill or other document for proof of home/mailing address (Proof of home/mailing address should be dated within a 6 month period) A copy of Deed / Title document or any Lease(s) A copy of Survey Plan / Cadastral Sheet If available, any Town & Country Planning Approvals (as per our Conditions of Engagement, in the preparation of the report, it will be assumed that statutory approvals have been or would be granted for the existing or highest and best use of the site) If purchasing – copy of the Purchase Agreement / Sale Agreement For Proposed Building (Projected Valuation): Copy of approved Building Plans Quantity Surveyor’s Report (Please confirm if one is required by the Lending Institution) or Builder’s Estimate Deposit Property Type DEPOSIT AMOUNT (Please note: This amount will be deducted from the total cost and is applicable for properties below $5M.) Residential (Building and/or Land)​ $2,000.00 Agricultural Land (Subject to review before acceptance) $2,500.00 Mixed (Residential & Commercial) $3,000.00 ​ Commercial $5,000.00 Please be advised that our Valuation Fees* for standard valuation reports are quoted below in Trinidad & Tobago Dollars (TTD) and the VAT Rate is 12.5%. Property Value Fee Structure $0 - 500K $2,000.00 Plus VAT $500K - $5M $2,000 + ¼ of 1% on excess over $500,000 plus VAT Over $5M Kindly contact our office for a quotation. (Minimum fee is $2,000 plus VAT for Residential properties; $2,500 plus VAT for Agricultural properties; $3,000 plus VAT for Mixed (Residential / Commercial) properties; $5,000 plus VAT for Commercial properties) *Payments can be made via cash, credit card, debit card, cheque, online banking or direct deposit. Your Valuation Request may be submitted using one of the following methods: Via our website: Complete our Online Valuation Request Form, submit supporting documents and pay the deposit using the ‘Our Services’ tab above. Our Administrative Staff will also call for any further information that is required. ​ Visiting our Branch : Our Administrative Staff will take all the necessary information, documents and payment at any of our branches most convenient to you. You may enter the relevant information on our Valuation Request Form and walk with it when visiting our branch. Note: Obtaining the information may take a few minutes, and we kindly ask for your patience as it ensures all information is received. 2. Site Inspection When we have received your request, deposit and all requested documents, our Valuation Officer will contact you or your appointed access person within approximately five (5) working days to arrange an inspection of the property. Please note that the inside of all rooms have to be inspected. If the inside of all rooms or apartment were not seen, this will be clearly stated in the report. Kindly secure all dogs, regardless of size, when our Valuation Officer visits the property. ​ Upon arrival, our Valuation Officer would advise that the outside of the property will be measured first and then the inside. In addition, external and internal photos would be taken. 3. Report Preparation Once no further information is required and barring unforeseen circumstances your Valuation Report should be ready approximately five (5) working days after the inspection is carried out depending on the type of property and the location. This time is necessary for us to carefully analyze all aspects of your property and arrive at an opinion of value. In the valuation process, there are three (3) distinct methodologies (or approaches) used to arrive at an indication of value. They are the Market Approach (a.k.a. Direct Market Comparison Approach), The Income Approach and The Cost Approach. In valuing your property, all approaches will be considered and one or more utilized. 4. Collection When your Valuation Report is completed, we will notify you to arrange collection and payment of the balance of the fee. Should you require a soft copy of the Valuation Report, kindly advise and arrangements can be made upon full payment of fees. ​ Note: Values will not be disclosed nor reports delivered until settlement of our fees.

  • G.A. Farrell & Associates Ltd | Our Services

    Our Services In an effort to better serve our clients, the firm has contracted the services of Mr. Clifford Murray (MRICS). Now, when clients are constructing a building, the firm is able to provide both the Quantity Surveyor’s Report as well as the Valuation Report that mortgage lending institutions customarily request. The firm’s valuation, quantity surveying and property consultancy services can be utilized for many important reasons including: Purchase: Buying A Home Mortgage/Refinance: Refinance For Profit Insurance: How Much House Insurance Do I Need? Construction Sale Stamp Duty Balance Sheet Statutory requirements Site identification and negotiation for purchaser acquisition Please contact us to find out how we may be of assistance to you. Contact Us

  • G.A. Farrell & Associates Ltd | Valuation Videos

    Valuation Videos Valuation Return Part 1 - Manual Submission Valuation Return Part 2 - Online Submission

  • G.A. Farrell & Associates Ltd | Make a Payment

    Make A Payment Make a payment for your valuation request. Type of Payment Choose an option arrow&v Valuation in Name of Reference Number Amount to be paid Address of property to be valued Additional Comments Make Payment

  • G.A. Farrell & Associates Ltd | Our Story

    Our Story G.A. Farrell & Associates Limited is a leading firm of Chartered Valuation Surveyors who specialize in the valuation of properties in Trinidad and Tobago. ​ In 1976 Gordon Farrell, FRICS, retired from his career as the Director of Surveys, Land and Surveys Department. With over 30 years invaluable experience, he established G. A. Farrell & Associates Limited. Since then the company has grown to become one of the foremost firms of valuation surveyors in Trinidad and Tobago. ​ The founding partner, Gordon Farrell, was joined in 1998 by two other partners, Mark Farrell and Derek de Gannes . They trained abroad in the USA and UK respectively and on their return to Trinidad they brought with them a wealth of international experience, each having worked abroad for over ten years. Mr. Gordon Farrell retired from the company after 32 years in 2008. ​ In order to maintain its high level of professionalism and its contact with the international market, the firm has a policy of Continuing Professional Education. Its professional staff are required to complete at least 20 hours per year. Courses are attended mainly abroad and by correspondence. Some local seminars have also proved to be useful. ​ G. A. Farrell & Associates Limited has grown from a small family practice to a large professional firm and maintains a high ratio of professional staff to administrative staff. It now has offices in Port of Spain (Ariapita Avenue), Chaguanas (Mulchan Seuchan Road), San Fernando (Harris Street), Arima (Shops of Arima) and Tobago (Tateco Building). Its Quantity Surveying consultant is Mr. Clifford Murray (MRICS).

  • G.A. Farrell & Associates Ltd | Closing Costs Estimates

    Closing Cost Estimates Rough Estimate on your Closing Costs for the following: Notes: Figures for Stamp Duty on Conveyance do NOT apply to First-Time Buyers Assumes purchase price is the same as the value of the property. No provision has been made for Mortgage Indemnity. Assumes different attorney used for conveyance and mortgage & NOT RPA The figures provided above should be used solely as a guide and is Private and Confidential and intended for your use only. G. A. Farrell & Associates Limited accepts No liability whatsoever if it is subsequently determined that the sum stated above is inaccurate Neither the whole nor any part of this estimate or any reference hereto may be included in any published document, circular or statement, or published in any way, without the express permission in writing from G. A. Farrell & Associates Limited.