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Why do I need a Valuation?

Protecting Your Interestsimage

A valuation can be key to protecting your interest in many financial dealings. When there is a question as to the value of your property, there is also a risk involved such as selling too low or paying too much.  A professional valuer helps you manage your interest by providing a well-developed and documented unbiased opinion of value upon which you can base your financial decisions.

What are Valuations Used For?
Valuations are used for many purposes. Some common uses of valuations are:

Mortgage Lending
Most mortgage transactions involve a valuation.  Generally, financial institutions will only approve a mortgage after contracting for an independent valuation to document the value of the property which serves as collateral for the loan.

Investors generally require professional valuation services prior to acquiring investment real estate, art or other property.

Valuations are often requested by insurance agencies to determine the insurable value of the asset.

Statutory Valuations
Typically a valuation is conducted for establishing a value of a property to be placed in a Balance Sheet of a company or on which to pay stamp duty.

What is a Valuation?
A valuation is a professional valuer’s opinion of value. The preparation of a valuation involves research into appropriate market areas; the assembly and analysis of information pertinent to a property; and the knowledge, experience, and professional judgment of the valuer.

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