Valuation Request

Valuation Request

shutterstock_125244695Thank you for considering our firm to prepare a valuation report on your property. The following will acquaint you with the steps that will be necessary when requesting a valuation.

1. Submit your Request

Your request may be submitted using one of the following methods:

Visit or Telephone: Our valuation coordinators will take all the necessary information.

Note: Obtaining the information may take a few minutes, so we ask you to be patient as it ensures all information is received efficiently.

Fax or Email: You may enter the relevant information on our Valuation Request Form  and forward same to us. Our valuation coordinators will call you for any further information that is required.

Submit to us now: Complete our summary valuation request form and press submit. Our valuation coordinators will also call for any further information that is required.

2. Payment of Deposit

A deposit is required for all valuations and we accept cash, cheque, debit card or direct bank deposit. This can be submitted at any of our offices or at the time of the site inspection.

3. Documents Required

To undertake a valuation, the deed is required plus any additional documents that are necessary depending on the property. These documents may include a survey plan for the land, building plans of the proposed building (if applicable) along with a copy of the Quantity Surveyor’s Report (normally required by the lending institution) and details of any tenancies. Additional documents would also be required for certain types of commercial properties.

4. Appointment Time

Normally, the day before our inspection, we will contact you and confirm/arrange the time of our visit unless you specify different arrangements. In the case of tenanted properties, please note we require access to all rooms of the building.

5. Inspection

Upon arrival at your property, we need to measure the exterior first and then the interior of all rooms in the building. If you have dogs, regardless of size, please secure them safely.

6. Time

After our inspection, the report for a residence normally takes about four to five (4-5) working days. This time is necessary for us to carefully analyze all aspects of your property and arrive at an opinion of value. In the valuation process, there are three (3) distinct methodologies (or approaches) used to arrive at an indication of value. They are the Direct Market Comparison Approach (sometimes known as the Sales Comparison Approach),  The Income Approach and The Cost Approach. In valuing your property, all approaches will be considered and one or more utilized.

7. Collection of Report

When your valuation report is completed, we will notify you to arrange collection and payment of the balance of the fee. If you require courier services, arrangements can be made upon full payment of the report.

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