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To protect your financial well-being and your investments, it is important that you engage a valuation professional.

Elements of a Qualified Professional Valuer –



Over several decades the valuation profession has developed generally recognized
valuation methods and techniques, commonly known as a body of knowledge. Conformance to these generally recognized methods and techniques promotes consistency in the work product of valuers.



A professional valuer will have significant experience in applying the generally recognized valuation methods and techniques learned in the classroom to the marketplace.



A professional valuer has been tested to ensure a thorough understanding of the subject matter and competency.


Continuing Education:

A professional valuer continues to take educational offerings on a periodic basis to ensure awareness of changes in valuation methods and techniques, technology and the marketplace.


Adherence to a Written Set of Ethical and Performance Standards:

Following an established code of conduct focusing on conduct and ethics, is a cornerstone for a professional valuer.



Elements of a Professional Appraisal –


Impartiality and Objectivity:

A professional valuer must be independent, impartial, and objective. A professional valuer’s opinion of value must not be biased.


Ethical Conduct:

A professional valuer will adhere to a generally recognized code of ethical conduct.



A professional valuer will treat confidential information as such. When in doubt, the valuer will always check with the client to determine what is or is not confidential information.



A professional valuer should have knowledge and experience in performing similar assignments.


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