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Final Steps

In this post, we list a few of the final steps necessary in buying your home.


1.      About 2-3 days before you are scheduled to close on the home you are buying, it is a good idea to do another inspection of the home to ensure that there have been no major changes to it.

2.      Make sure you know exactly when and where the closing of the transaction is to take place and try and reach early in case of any queries or unforeseen traffic delays.  Make sure you have any documents, certified cheques, etc. that you have been requested to bring with you.

3.      Once the transaction has been closed, there are still some other steps that should be taken as soon as possible.  For a list of these, please feel free to contact us.

This is the final post of our series. We sincerely hope you have enjoyed it and welcome any comments you may have.

Remember, G A Farrell & Associates Ltd. now has a free MAP (Mortgage Assistance Plan) that is available to ALL their clients that require a valuation report to purchase a property.  G A Farrell & Associates Ltd. will offer guidance through the entire process at no charge other than their normal valuation fee.  For further information, please contact us.

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