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Business Interruption Insurance

Understanding the value and importance of Business Interruption insurance begins with knowing what you need to know about it and how it works.

The first thing that you should note is that a Business Interruption policy should form part of your business’ overall disaster recovery and business continuity plan, which should be developed by following certain steps.

What is your business? What internal and external factors are critical to your operation? Who are your key partners? How exposed are you to natural disasters and other risks? What are your key operational costs?

Once you have answered these and other questions, the next step would be to write out an emergency plan detailing all the areas that would require immediate attention following an incident causing Business Interruption.

You should now be able to determine the type of coverage that is most suited to your business, after which a conversation with your trusted insurance broker is needed to help shape the Business Interruption coverage you need.


  1. A Business Interruption insurance policy provides you with coverage for financial losses arising from an insured peril causing insured damage to an insured property.
  2. The average cost of the loss of income due to Business Interruption is 36% greater than the actual damage to the property of a business itself. As a result, 40% of businesses impacted by catastrophes seldom survive.
  3. Different businesses require different types of Business Interruption coverage, the varying types being Standard; Contingent; Non-Damage and Data Driven.
  4. A Business Interruption policy should form part of your business’ overall disaster recovery and business continuity plan.

Excerpt from an article by Lynch Insurance Brokers,

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